The Designated Chef Story

My cooking passion stems from my youth. While growing up in Eastern Ohio, every gathering or family event was associated with food.  Good Food!!!  The area was very ethnical and blue collar. We were exposed to home cooking from the Italians, Hungarian/Romanians, Polish, and Germans.  At every turn I witnessed my mother, aunts and both grandmothers cooking up a storm for the family no matter what the occasion.  Sundays were always special, and the holidays were unbelievable.

But it took seeing my father in the kitchen to realize that “guys” can do it too. He took over the kitchen duties while my mother recovered from a broken arm.  It wasn’t necessarily fancy, but it had a lasting impression on me.

When I started dating my wife, the exposure and importance of food in association with every family gathering was compounded with her Hungarian Heritage.  Her grandmother, aunts and uncles opened my eyes to another dimension of good chow.

So, for the last 35 years I’ve been honing my skills in the comfort food category.  Even though I did train with three Chefs during my College Internship, I have never been accused of being gourmet.  Besides working in several areas of the food service industry, including stints with Marriott and Sheraton, I’ve always cooked for parties, festivals, and neighborhood gatherings.  Now I’m here to cook for you.


  • Graduated From West Liberty University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/ Hotel & Restaurant Management.  I also wrestled & played football
  • I’ve been happily married to the same wonderful lady since 1984 and we have two, grown daughters
  • We have lived in Acworth, GA since 1993
  • I have volunteered as a High School Wrestling Coach since 2002

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